Travel north of Manila, Sam Son, Hanoi
Date of departure: 31-12-1969
Price: Vnđ
Departure: Ha Noi
About tour: The program links between Opentour with 13 travel companies in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang city to introduce and promote the visitors a tour program of high quality, reasonable prices throughout the five heritage world in the Central ... Transport by air ...

The scenic Western Emperor with an area of ​​about 148 hectares, located on the slopes of the mountains Thach Ban of Tam Dao sequence (Vinh Phuc), is an area of ​​biodiversity. According to research by the scientists, the flora of the West has 130 families, 344 genera and 490 species, a number of scientific value and significant economic value as po mu, was draft sam Pong to ... Forest Tay Thien pine trees live for a thousand years old. Tay Thien fauna is quite rich, with 4 classes, 26 orders, 86 families and 281 species, including some rare animals such as turtles yellow, white pheasants, Francois' Langur, Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys, fish Tam Dao toad ... Bio-diversity system with the temples of archaeological and cultural value that the West attracts tourists and researchers.

Day 01: Hanoi - defeated the West Zone
5:30: Car and guide pick you up at the bus depart scenic area the West Island is located in the the name Tam paint system has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, cultural and historical relics and scenic August -1991.
7:30: Go the scenic Western Emperor. You visit and holiday in engine blocks, Tay Thien Pagoda, Temple Info, temples, streams Prize Oan, Immortal springs, Silver Falls ....
13h30: Have lunch at the restaurant culture.
PM: You drove away visit Truc Lam Institute quanThien one of the school for Buddhist monks and nuns in our country. Visit Floor Drum, Bell Floor, class ... climb to the top floor of the Monastery you as reporters vision from Heaven down to a scene where there are rare.
17h00: Have the car comes to Tam Dao scenic area the West 10 Km. Can call Tam Dao coastal clouds, by the mountains is always filled with white clouds. Tam Dao said to refer to the white clouds. Dim and white flickers between the three mountains rising Ban Thach (1388m), Title II (1375m) and Phu Nghia (1400m).
18h00: Arrive in Tam Dao resort you get rest.
19h00: Have dinner at the specialty restaurant with chayote tops. Evening you are free to relax, explore the town of Tam Dao night.

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