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Our customers come from many different areas such as securities, electrical products, information technology, construction, real estate, consumer welding, medicine, finance, etc.

They are great company and always appreciate the role of Vietnamtravelpackages in strategic business development. The the program designed Vietnamtravelpackages with different objectives, depending on customer needs.

The product of Vietnamtravelpackages as: Indoor Vietnamtravelpackages, a product line with the short program from 2 to 4 hours, for the conference program, combined with the theoretical training of the company.

Outdoor Vietnamtravelpackages, this type of training program includes excursions, can be combined with the the Indoor training program before or in conjunction with tourism programs rested.

Addition Adventure Vietnamtravelpackages is the kind of being more dynamic young people in Viet Nam favorite. This type of team building action with more challenging activities require not only intellectually but also physically. Vietnam natural conditions suited to this type.
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